50 Cent New Hairstyle is very ordinary hairstyle for a rap musician. Fifty Cent’s new hairstyle is extremely short. I estimate that the length is equal in number three in hairdresser jargon. This style hair is generally used by rap and hiphop musicians. As a hip – hop star, a celebrity, he inspired other young hip – hop and rap musicians with his music and also with his style as a whole included his hairstyle and different costumes. Rappers generally use short hairs and loose and colorful clothes.


Career of 50 Cent


Curtis Jame Jackson, Fifty cent as stage name, is an actor and rapper from United States of America. He became famous with his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin ‘(2003) and The Massacre (2005). In the past of 50 cents, he also did some wrong things. In the 1980s, when he was only twelve years old, he started drug dealing during the “crack outbreak” in the USA. Rap stopped selling drugs to make her career.

In an incident in 2000, he was shot with nine bullets. “Guess Who’s Back” in 2002 After releasing his first album, it was discovered by Eminem.

During his music career, Jackson has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and has won numerous awards. These included a “Grammy Award”, 13 “Billboard Music Awards”, six “World Music Awards”, three “American Music Awards” and four “BET Awards”.

He also continued his acting career in 50 Cent, half autobiographical Get Rich or Die Tryin ‘in 2005, Home of the Brave about the Iraq War in 2006 and Original Murders in 2008. Selected by Billboard magazine as the sixth best artist and best rap artist of the 2000s. Billboard dergisi tarafından 2000’lerin en iyi altıncı ve en iyi rap sanatçısı seçildi.

Some of his solo albums are “Power of the Dollar”, “Get Rich or or Die Tryin”, “The Massacre”, “Curtis”, “5 (Murder by Numbers), Animal Ambition

G – Unit albums are “Beg for Mercy”, “T.O.S: Terminate on Sight”

His important films are “50 Cent: The New Breed”, “Entourage”, “13”, “All Things Fall Apart”, “Vengeance”, “Last Chance” and “Ajan”.


Features of 50 Cent New Hairstyle


I will mention abot again 50 cent New Hairstyle. Short hair is very usefull for men. Short hair is more preferred in hot weather. Simplicity is more important for rappers than elegance. They generally prefer a hat that covers their hair. So, they should use short hair.