Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson New Hair

Today`s is about Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson new hair. Anne-Marie has been a serious rising star over the last couple of years. She made her mark working with drum and bass band Rudimental as one of their live vocalists and featuring on ‘Rumour Mill’ with fellow singer Will Heard. Meanwhile, Anne-Marie cut a solo demo for Rocket Records in 2013 called “Summer Girl”. In fact, her solo career was curtailed for her to develop herself as an artist. Her song “Rockabye” which Anne collaborated with Clean Bandit, peaked at number one. In the same way,  “Alarm”, “Ciao Adios”, “Friends” and “2002” are in her popular songs list. Anne-Marie announced her second album in January 2020 and has since revealed to us that she’s still recording songs for ‘AM2’. Anne-Marie admitted it was the first song ‘Birthday’ that set the mood for the rest of the album. This was little information about her career for you.

Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson New Hair is Inspirational

Anne-Marie is the woman who can get eyes on her with her success, beauty, and hairstyles. At the Kiss FM Haunted House Party in London, her hair was long and silver color. The same year she changed her hair color to platinum blonde. However, it seems that Anne did not like that color and went back to silver color. In 2018 her hair was silver blunt cut with dark roots. This year during quarantine Anne-Marie was the queen of hair transformations. We know that many of our favorite celebrities are experimenting with their hair at home, and giving wild hair colors a try. But Anne-Marie was taking things to a whole new level. She’s dying her hair on her own and has shared videos of the entire process with her followers. The British singer has always been a huge fan of vibrant hair colors. That’s why she took things, and a bottle of Crazy Color in a pink shade, into her own hands and gave her hair a total makeover. After a few weeks of rocking pink hair, the “Ciao Adios” singer decided to color it violet and nailed it once again.



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