Avani Gregg New Hair

The Hype House videos can’t be all about lip-syncing and dancing, right? Enter Avani Gregg, the content collective’s resident beauty expert. Her nickname is  “Clown Girl”. The “Clown Check” video quickly raked in over three million views in the following weeks and gave Avani Gregg a lasting reputation as the internet’s coolest “Clown Girl.” Avani Gregg 19-year-old star turned heads with her unexpected and wildly detailed makeup tutorials. In fact, she is an American actor too.  As a child, Gregg was a competitive gymnast. First, her videos was about beauty and make-up. Now Avani Gregg stars in the latest season of the web show Chicken Girls alongside fellow TikTok star Mads Lewis. She plays Gemma, the tough captain of Attaway High’s cheer squad. In addition based on these reasons Avani Gregg new hair does not miss the attention of her followers.

Which Color is Avani Gregg New Hair?

Avani Gregg is a beautiful and bold looking girl with slim and hourglass like body physique. Her natural hair color and eyes are same. Both of them are brown. Meanwhile Avani Gregg changed her hairstyle for many times. We can see from her social media accounts that Avani loves changing her style and making new hair. By making videos in TikTok and on seeing these TikTok she became a star and started ruling in everyone`s heart. Today her fans are in millions. Avani Gregg likes to dye her hair with different bright colors. Afterward using brown and mostly wavy hairstyle she dyed it to black one.  Avani Gregg has dyed her beneath of black hair. This new color was strong navy blue. Avani Gregg new hair is more colourful and she likes modifications. Now from her latest post we see that she uses color streaks underlights her hair. In conclusion new colors are purple and blue black.



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