Britney Spears is one of the most iconic and successful people of the pop music industry. Lots of prizes for her fame and voice are the proof of this success. Everybody knows that she’s been scandalous somehow throughout her life. This changes also brought new looks with new hair styles. She even cut all of her hair at some point, of course, everybody remembers that dark period of her life. But, she left all of these terrible life choices behind and she got back on stage with a new image of Britney. Keep reading to learn more about The Britney Spears New Hairstyle.

Britney Spears With New Hairstyle

Britney Spears New Hairstyle

In the 90’s before being a pop culture icon, Britney had natural honey blonde hair that was so to her shoulders. She styled her hair wavy, curly, straight, long, medium lenght, short, bob cut, she cutted bangs time to time. She kept her innocent young girl look with this natural type of hair. But also she was brave enough to keep it short. Now, The Britney Spears New Hairstyle is that she has light blonde (almost platinum blonde)  long hair. This hairstyle keeps her performances more entertaining since she likes to whip her hair a lot!

Britney Spears And New Hair

How to Get Her Hairstyle

To get the same look as The New Britney Spears Hairstyle, Britney uses hair extensions to keep her hair volumed and long, you can do the same thing with some extensions to look more majestic. Then, mousse your hair to get some volume and wave. You can curl your hair then brush it to create more waves too. It’s simple but it works everytime! Make sure to check out our photo gallery to see the images before you leave the site you will find useful tips to help you to sport the look.