Chiara Ferragni New Hairstyle

Chiara Ferragni Haircut

Chiara Ferragni New Hairstyle is the one of the fantastic topics in fashion world in this week. I also considered the new haircut of Chiara Ferragni New Hairstyle. She has always taken all attemtions on her hair since her childhood. When she was a young girl, she had also good hair. And, her haircuts are liked by humans all the time. I will firstly criticize Chiara Ferragni’s new hair model. Then, I will give some informations about the private life of Chiara Ferragni. And, I also give some informations about her important career steps of her career life.


Criticizing of Chiara Ferragni New Hairstyle


Chiara Ferragni has preffered long hair to her shoulders. Her new hair is also long her sholders. She did not a big change for her hairstyle. She only changed her hair’s color. Chiara had auburn hair, but she changed with blond hair. And, also, she straighten her hair. The new hair model contribute her beauty. She is more charmfull with the new hair model. The new haircut makes her more charmfull.


Who Is Chiara Ferragni


Introducing the world’s most earning blogger: Chiara Ferragni! Chiara was born on May 7, 1987 in Italy. Her beautiful face and love to pose, she opened the doors of modeling for her when she was 5 years old. By the age of 16, she had her first serious modeling experience. Chiara’s interest in modeling and fashion was increasing day by day.

Realizing this, her lover Riccardo Pozzoli encouraged him to open a blog. Trained in finance, Riccardo was developing strategies on how to achieve start-up projects on the Internet. “The Blonde Salad” emerged when Richie’s marketing strategies combined with Chiara’s style. The blog’s name was The Blonde Salad, which means Blond Salad, since Chiara will share everything you like on this platform.

Chiara’s blog, studying law at Bocconi University, went live in October 2009. Chiara regularly shared her own style and connected her followers with their sympathetic attitude. Its distinction was that it could combine high fashion brands and fast fashion brands at the same time! She was chasing invitations for Fashion Week, contacting the brands and offering to advertise their products.

Within two years of opening, The Blonde Salad has garnered tremendous followers, with great effort. So much so that in December 2011, it received 1 million unique visitors! In March 2011, New York showed him as “one of the biggest star of the year”!


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