Christina Aguilera New Hairstyle

Christina Aguilera Hair Cut

Christina Aguilera is one of pop/ R&B Queens from generation Disney Channel. She was in the cast of the show The New Mickey Mouse Club with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. She was one of the four jury members of The Voice US. Christina was a young women at the crazy atmosphere of the 90s and she tried a lot of crazy styles just like every other girl in that time of period. Hairstyles included the crazy looks she had and before skipping to The Christina Aguilera new hairstyle let’s sneak a peek to the 90’s and Xtina’s previous looks.

Christina Aguilera Hair Cut

She dyed her hair to ivory/silver ground and added black stripes on it. She dyed platinum blonde, soft pink and lavender on a ivory base, she become ginger once. She dyed stripes in colour black and red on blonde base, another native look she has done was a afro boiled hair style in colour platinum blonde. She got a bob hair cut and styled her hair to a Marilyn Monroe a like curls in colour ashy platinum blonde, she dyed her hair completely black. She dyed her hair pink shades on platinum blonde and she sported many other. Keep reading for The New Christina Aguilera Hairstyle.

Christina Aguilera Hair Style

Christina Aguilera New Hairstyle And How To Get This Hair

She dyed her hair to a soft pink for a Christmas look and sported a giant messy bun tail hairstyle. To get the look your hair colour must be almost white. Then you will be able to dye pink on it. You may have to use extensions to get the volumed look pin your hair to the top of your head and sport a bun tail! Check our photo gallery out to see the of Christina Aguilera new hairstyle images. They are awesome photos!

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