Gwen Stefani is known for her band No Doubt and she has succeeded to steal our hearts since then. The grammy award winner vocalist has won lots of prizes even without her band. Gwen Stefani had different kind of dresses, hairstyles and looks throughout her career. She was daring and bold to pull all of these crazy looks and looked always better and better and Gwen Stefani new hairstyle is the most atractive and the most beautiful hairstyle.

Gwen Stefani With New Hairstyle

Gwen Stefani New Hairstyle

As for her clothing choices, she was also bold with her hairstyles. In 2000’s, for example, she dyed her hair in hot pink. Of course, in that years it was such a unique color for hair. After dying her hair in pink, she made them braided. We can say that at those times she was unique for her hairstyle. Nowadays, as it is mentioned before, she has more majestic hairstyles. She’s never had long hair but it has never been as short as it is today. Stefani has bright platinum blonde hair and it can be said that she loves them volumized. It is pretty sure that she likes big waves in her hair now. Read and find out how to sport The New Gwen Stefani Hairstyle.

Gwen Stefani With New Haircut

Hot to Get the Look Like Gwen Stefani

Firstly, you must use a curler to create big waves. Use a big part of your hair to achieve this, you would not want it too curly. After you finish with curling process, use moose or a long lasting hair spray to volumize your curls. This part will help you to achieve majesty of this hairstyle. It may be seem a little hard while doing so, but it always worth it! Rock your neighborhood with New Gwen Stefani Hairstyle but first check our photo gallery!