Jayden Bartels New Hair

Jayden Bartels is an American actress from Los Angeles. Furthermore, Jayden also has two younger brothers. The actress is mostly homeschooled by her parents to pursue her acting career. She is also famous for her videos on TikTok. In addition to this, she made her televised debut in 2015 with her show named Clique Wars named Taylor Taylor. Bartels launched its YouTube channel in January 2017. It currently has over 600k subscribers. The social media star has uploaded Vlogs twice a week. Sometimes it’s fashion, makeup, viral game challenges, jokes, etc. Jayden also posted videos about it. Now let`s have a look at Jayden Bartels new hair.

About Jayden Bartels New Hair

Jayden Bartels has shared videos about self haircut or her hair care routine. Previous times she used her hair long and straight. Her natural hair color is light brown and she keeps it. Now new hair of Jayden is shoulder-lenght layered cut. The natural hair texture of her is wavy and she loves using it.

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Check the photo gallery which we prepared for you. You can see different hairstyles of Jayden Bartels. We hope that some of them will give you inspiration and new idea for change.

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