Kate Upton New Hairstyle

kate upton hair

Long hair may be really beautiful to look at, but recently many celebrities have been seen to cut their hair short. Kate Upton is also one of them who cut her hair into a short lob. This is a medium length cut that can still be tied into a ponytail or a bun. Check Kate Upton New Hairstyle gallery!

kate upton hair style

Kate Upton New Hairstyle

Kate Upton has been known for her long blonde and curly locks. But she has transformed herself to a different new look after a medium haircut. She is seen to display her new image of Instagram and she sports a medium length curly open hair faux bob look. The Kate Upton New Hairstyle is definitely an attraction for the new generation because of its cool, stylish and trendy look.

kate upton hair

How can you get the Kate Upton New Hairstyle?

The Kate Upton hairstyle is easy to get. You first need to start with a layered haircut. Section the top portion of the hair and divide it into a U shape from one end to the other. Gather all the hair and create as little volume as you can by either braiding, twisting or tying into a knot. The Kate Upton new hair style is a very simple style that can be done is about 45 minutes or so. This haircut is easy to maintain as well. Try out the hair styling spray for a better effect.

kate upton hair cut

Check out the photos

You can check out the recent pictures from the gallery. The hair has been styled in pretty waves. If you want to see more, you may follow the ınstagram of her. You should check her previous hairstyles of her. If you like one of them, just try it. If you cant do by yourselve, just go to hair stylist.

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