Katy Perry New Hairstyle

katy perry with new hair cut

Will you recognize the singer with a changed hairstyle? Katy Perry has recently changed her look with a new hairstyle. She has recently traded her long jet black hair and cut into a bob that has been slightly curled at the ends and parted on the side. For more info about Katy Perry new hairstyle keep the reading.

katy perry with new hair cut

Katy Perry New Hairstyle Is Refreshing Style

The new hairstyle has received a lot of appreciation by fans and other celebrities. Katy Perry has had the hair changed in just three days as she was recently spotted in Dubai with a long black power ponytail The Katy Perry New Hairstyle is definitely one to look at. She is using her hair now platinium yellow and really short hair cut.

katy perry with new hairstyle

Changing Trends

This is not the first time that Katy has experimented with her looks. She has previously also changed her looks for a number of times. She has styled her hair in different ways and also colored her hair in different colors. For example she dyed hair purple, blue, green, pink etc. This is yet another instance where she has styled her hair into a different look. Katy Perry new hair style has been adopted by a number of the new generation.

katy perry with new haircut

Getting The Katy Perry Style

If you are as brave as Katy to part with your long hair, you can try out this new style. Go to a good hair stylist and then tell them the style. The bob style is a very common trend nowadays and has been seen to be worn by a number of people. Cover up the hairstyle with some loud make up. This is definitely a great style to maintain. If you want to have same colour with Katy Perry you really shoul go a hair stylist.


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