Kimberly Loaiza New Hair

One of the famous person that we can inspired by  is Kimberly Loaiza. Truly the real name of her is Kimberly Guadalupe Loaiza Martinez. However she use Kimberly Loaiza or Kim Loaiza which is shorter than real name.  Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican singer and social media personality.  She launched her YouTube channel in 2016. Afterward Kimberly become one of the most-followed YouTube channels in Mexico. Now she has tens of million of followers on the platform. Accordingly she can grow her popularity by sharing everything from her personal life to her music videos to daily vlogs. Kimberly has more than 1.9 billion combined views on all her YouTube videos.  The content creator shares photos of her daughter, Kim, as well as professional modeling photos, personal photos and more. In 2019, Kim launched her music career with her debut single “Enamorarte.” Let`s check Kimberly Loaiza new hair.

About Kimberly Loaiza New Hair

Kim has many followers so she can easily take attention of everyone.  She has also three tattoos which give her different charm. Loaiza has a cursive ink on her right wrist. In addition she has e “linduras” a heart and a tiny flower tattooed on her left shoulder. “Linduras” is the word she uses to call her fans and her followers.  Kim uses different hairstyles and colors too. She has used ombre hairstyle which the end of hair was blonde. we can see her with this hairstyle both long and short hair cut. Also there are some photos of Kim that her hair is brown. On time she made some crazy hair color which was very pink with long hair model. Now Kimberly Loaiza made her hair to black one. New hair color suits her very much. Moreover she as cut her hair on her own. It was through a video on her account Instagram who let see how she herself did  it.




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