Every woman wants her hair to look good. Hair looks good actually means that women feel good and young. The most important thing that women should do first is not actually change their own hair color. In addition, it does not disrupt your own hair type. Naturalness is the most befitting thing of all and is always an option to look young. Kourtney Kardashian is also one of those following this path. It’s always been an advantage to her that she doesn’t spoil her own natural hair color. She manages to bring her hair color to the fore by using beautiful models that are quite compatible with her skin color. She does not have a specific and continuous hairstyle. Each model is judged and tested according to her outfit. The biggest factor in trying different models is that their hair is long and hand-giving to each model. We can just say Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t neglect her care for her hair because no matter what model she does, her hair shines with health.

Which models Kourtney Kardashian prefers most often

Since her hair shines with health, she actually prefers every model. But the best way to bring your hair to the fore is to leave them open and alert. So everyone can see your beauty. However, there are also times when she collects or uses her short hair, depending on the outfit she wears. The best model for her is a ponytail. She doesn’t mind picking up her hair because her facial features are smooth. She collects much tighter at times like this. So her gaze sharpens. She prefers to separate her fair hair from the middle, which makes her face look thinner and longer. She likes to use her hair more structured rather than volume. She knows what suits her.