Lorena Rae New Hair

Lorena Rae New Hairstyle 2020

Lorena Rae New Hair is the one of the best subjcts of fashion world in last days. Lorena Rae whose real name is Lorena Rape is the one of the best known Victoria’s Secret models. She got reputation in the Fashion Show in 2018. She radically changed her haircut in this week. We consider her new hair as newhairs.net. I will analyze her new haircut in this post fistly. And, then I will talk about her private life and important career steps of Lorena Rae.


Criticizing of Lorena Rae New Hair

The biggsest change is about the color of hair for Lorena Rae. She changed her hair’s color from black into ashy caramel. The new color of her new hairstyle is very suitable for her bronze skin.The new hairstyle of Lorena Rae contribute attractiveness to her. And, she became more charmfull with the new haircut.


Who Is Lorena Rae?

Lorena Rape was born on 8 July, 1994 in Diepholz, Germany. She graduated from Berufs Gymnasium Wirtschaft. She has American gense from her grandfather. Rae learned American English by watching television series like Gossip Giril and The Vamipre Diaries. These films are the both best series film for her.

Lorena Rape began modelling career working with Bijou Brigitte which is a famous mark in Germany and all arround the world. When she was 20, she travelled to Milan and Ibiza for modelling jobs.


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