Get Adventurous With The Lucky Blue New Hairstyle

lucky blue hair cut

Are you feeling really adventurous? Would you like to get really funky with a new hairstyle? Try out the new signature look of Lucky Blue new hairstyle that has swept the world. The platinum hair is a style that very less people can actually display in public.

lucky blue hair cut

The Lucky Blue New hairstyle?

The Lucky Blue Smith Hairstyle is definitely a style that all people would love to look at? The hair is dyed with a gray platinum color that looks quite natural many celebrities are sporting this hairstyle and Lucky Blue Smith is on the top of the list. The platinum blonde hair, which almost looks white, makes him look great with the gray dye. You can take a look at the image gallery for more details. Lucky Blue Smith previously had straight white hair, which he has now transformed to the platinum look.

lucky blue hair style

How To Get The Lucky Blue New Hairstyle

The first thing you need for having the Lucky Blue Smith Hairstyle is gut. Not all people can sport this kind of a hairstyle because it looks pretty weird if not sported in the right way. You need to go to a professional in order to have this kind of a haircut. It would take around 5 hours to get the hair colored platinum gray depending on the hair.

lucky blue hair

The Process Of Dyeing Hair

Strip the natural color of the hair with bleach. Turn the natural color of the hair into a pale orange, blonde or gray. Repeat the bleaching process so that you can get the desired hair color and look like Blue Smith. But be careful if you use to much bleach, you may burn your hair. If you find, try natural products. They are usually minimise the damage of hair dye products. Now check our gallery!

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