We know Marina Lambrini Diamandis with her stage name Marina and the Diamonds. Marina is a beautiful stunning young woman among her singing and writing skills. She sings the songs that she wrote. She is also recognized by her unusual style and entertaining music video clips. Among her hairstyle her clothing style is quite unique too. She is one our Lolita’s with Lana Del Rey and Melanie Martinez and we love these three quite a lot! Now take a closer look to Marina Diamandis New Hairstyle.

Marina Diamandis New Hairstyle

Marina Diamandis New Hairstyle, New Hair Colour, and New Hair Cut

This babygirl had dyed her hair to pink, silver grey, golden blonde shades, candy pink, soft pink, dark purple, white, ashy platinum blonde, and hot brown so far. Her current New Marina Diamandis Hairstyle is black dyed bob cut! She surprised us with this new cute look but we absolutely loved it. She is definitely A D O R A B L E !!!

Marina Diamandis Hair Cut

How Can You Get The Look

You can get the half of The New Melanie Martinez Hairstyle at your home by yourself but not the cutting part. Go to your hairstylist first to get the haircut. After the haircut buy a blue black hair dye with some herbal oils (olive oil, sesame oil, almond oil, indian oil) and hair conditioner. Pour the dye into a bowl with the ingredients in the box, herbal oils and hair conditioner. Mix all the ingredients, brush your hair split it little pieces and start the process. After you are done with dying comb your hair and wait for 30-50 mins. Wash and dry your hair and give some waves to the tips of your hair and shake your head. Look at the mirror. You have it! Enjoy your New Marina Diamandis Hairstyle! For more info and opinion you can check Marinas Instagram page and our photo gallery.