Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle

I  bet there is not a single person who does not know who Miley Cyrus is. Besides the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana she is also a Hollywood star, singer, artist. Thus lately one of the four jury members of The Voice US. She is also the goddaughter of the angelic Dolly Parton. After a few years ago Miley went through a process with finding herself. Miley Cyrus new hairstyle changed with her. In adittion a lots of people thought she is having a breakdown but seeing where she got now i do not like to see it as one. She is not just a celebrity now. She is a hero for a lots of person and Dolly Parton and Miley are running a project Happy Hippies for struggling young people.

Miley Cyrus New Haircut

Miley Cyrus Old Hairstyles and Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle

Following Hannah Montana’s final considering the effects of growing up Miley’s style changed a lot. Her natural hair colour is auburn. Her first change of hairstyle I know so far was a golden ombre on her auburn hair. She used her hair lightly waved generally until 2011 in that period of time her other ID Hannah Montana used her hair golden blonde and straight by the way. In 2009 she dyed her auburn hair to dark chocolate brown.

Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle

What Is The New Style And How Can You Get The Look

After this darker hair style she started to lighten her hair step by step and in everytime she dyed a lighter tone of blonde her hair went shorter. In 2012 her hair colour become platin and she got a pixie cut. Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle is on shoulders blonde and curly styled hair style and to get to look all you need to do is dye your hair and then using a curl iron. Check out the photo gallery to see more.

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