Miranda Kerr New Hairstyle

miranda kerr with hair cut

Miranda Kerr has always fantasized about having her hair cut short. However, she hasn’t managed to cut her hair because of her assignments and the contracts. Now the time has come when she can cut her hair really short. And she made it too in her new hairstyle! Let have a look our article and gallery for Miranda Kerr new hairstyle!

miranda kerr with hair cut

How To Get Short Hair Like Miranda Kerr New Hairstyle

Miranda Kerr loves to have her hair chopped really short and she thinks that is the most versatile cut of all. She cut her hair in a chin skimming bob cut that makes her look a lot like the Marylyn Monroe. You can also scroll down to see more pictures of Miranda Kerr New Hairstyle

Sported by her proudly. Miranda Kerr was previously known to sport long and wavy tresses and the long, sleek bob is definitely refreshing change for her since she has changed her hairstyle

miranda kerr with hair style

A completely new look

Miranda Kerr has also been seen to tie her short hair into a short ponytail when she’s out. Her hair has a full-blown look with long strands of hair at the side. Her hair is not as straight and her effortlessly cropped hair is indeed one that can turn heads around. The Miranda Kerr New Hairstyle has definitely her more stylish with a deep side part and loose curls.

miranda kerr with hair

What was the hair that she had previously?

You can find her images on the Instagram post and she intends to stick to this style for a long time now. But when we think we remember her brown and middle hair. Of course her hair is curly. Sometimes she made her hair like the front hairs are yellow, rest of hair is dark brown. Of course they fit her too.

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