What helps us most in reflecting our style is actually our hair. Our clothes, jewelry and hair are the number one supporters in reflecting our style. When we can’t express enough with our clothes, we make the biggest change in our hair. It’s like a complementary part of everything. Ruby Rose is among the celebrities who can best express herself and her style with her hair. She speaks in a Ruby Rose style that doesn’t break her special and consistent streak. She has an extremely masculine style and we know that from her best hair. She has a very good hairstyle because she has a bony facial structure. Her hairstyle was now familiar to her. Excellent facial features make it easier to use a short hairstyle and make it look better. She knows it and uses it that way. Although we have to decide the color and shape of our hair, our taste is also very important. We are moving along a line that will make our style speak, and we make our choices accordingly.

Which models does Ruby Rose prefer?

Having a beautiful face and facial contours is a huge advantage. Often, short hair can be a factor in her choice of wanting to reveal her face. We can often see him shaving some of his hair. She only used her hair short for a long time. She didn’t hesitate to give different shapes to the place he carved. The tattoo behind her ear became more visible. She usually parted her hair from the side and this made her more voluminous. She preferred to use it straight because her hair structure was straight. It was not possible to use wavy as she preferred short hair. For her hair color, however, she was not afraid to try various colors. She preferred different colors that could be to her and her style. Despite this, the hair color she used for the longest time was still her own.