Sara Sampaio New Haircut is the greatest topic in few days. Sampaio radically changed her hair model. Sara Sampaio who is the one of the sexiest models of Victoria’s Secret take all attentions with the new hairstyle. Today, I will analyze her new hair. Then, I will tell her private life. And, I also mention about her important career step of her fascinating career life.


Criticizing Sara Sampaio New Haircut

World-renowned model Sara Sampaio has attracted the attention of fashion writers with her new hairstyle. All fashion experts, especially very important hairdressers, liked the new hairstyle of the Sampaio. The world star, which was claimed to have a relationship with Kıvanç Tatlıtug for a while, preferred the wavy and long hair style.
With her new hairstyle, Sara Sampaio, who seems to have skyrocketed from shampoo ads, has become more charmfull with her new hair.

The new hairstyle contributes her attractiveness. Her wavy and light colored hair matched her baby and blond skin. The harmony of her hair with the elegance that did not look for the medieval princesses drew much attention.


Who Is Sara Sampaio

Sara Pinto Sampaio is a Portuguese model and actress. Born as the daughter of Cristina Sampaio and Armando Sampaio couple, the famous model was born in 1991 in Porto, Portugal. She is best known for her appearance in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, where she worked for Victoria’s Secret Angel, Giorgio Armani beauty ambassador and Calzedonia, and also a first for a Portuguese model. Sara Sampaio has been working with actor Oliver Ripley since 2015.

Sara Sampaio, with Kivanc Tatlitug played with advertising projects in Turkey also announced the name of a large audience. The world-famous model has been in love with billionaire businessman Oliver Ripley since 2015. Sara Sampaio, who came up with her brave poses especially on her social media accounts, said, ‘I can sell my soul for pizza.’ It was an agenda with the announcement.

Sampaio is a graduate of Lisbon University. Sampaio, which is in the catalog shooting of many famous magazines and on the podium of famous brands, has a remarkable beauty with its long height, smooth physique and green eye color.

In an interview, Sampaio, who said that she was doing sports 2 days a week and started the day with pancakes and banana, strawberry milkshake, so he felt vigorous and has been with Oliver Ripley since 2016.